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We offer a range of procedures and treatments, all bookable through the NHS e-Referral Service.

All procedures performed by suitably qualified General Practitioners and hospital consultants.

To make a referral for one of the services listed below please complete the form below and email it to

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Adult Hernia

The new adult hernia service will provide hernia repairs performed by a team of consultants led by Mr Bajwa Consultant Gastrointestinal Surgeon.

The repairs will be done via local anesthetic nerve block.

Prior to surgery the patient will have a dedicated appointment with the surgeon to discuss treatment options and consent.

Main exclusions are as follows:

Divarication of recti – refer to Plastic Surgery

Fast-track referrals – Cancer patients/2WW pathways

Under 18 years

A patient who is significantly obese with a BMI >35

Current or previous MRSA Positive – unless negative swabs confirm eradication in previous 6 months

Known significant cognitive impairments

Recurrent hernia at same site (previously corrected with surgery)

Deepings Practice Adult Hernia leaflet

Basal Cell Carcinomas (BCC) low risk


If the lesion is:

located below the clavicle (that is, not on the head or neck)

less than 1 cm in diameter with clearly defined margins

not a recurrent BCC following incomplete excision

not a persistent BCC that has been incompletely excised according to histology

not morphoeic, infiltrative or basosquamous in appearance

not located:

over important underlying anatomical structures (for example, major vessels or nerves)

in an area where primary surgical closure may be difficult (for example, digits or front of shin)

in an area where difficult excision may lead to a poor cosmetic result

at another highly visible anatomical site (for example, anterior chest or shoulders) where a good cosmetic result is important to the patient.

If the BCC does not meet the above criteria, or there is any diagnostic doubt, following discussion with the patient they should be referred to a member of the LSMDT.


If the patient is:

aged 24 years or younger (that is, a child or young adult)

immunosuppressed or has Gorlin’s syndrome

Removal of Skin Growths Leaflet

Carpal Tunnel Release

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition where there is increased pressure on the median nerve that crosses the from of the wrist. The nerve runs through a tight tunnel, together with the tendons that bend the fingers. This causes pain, tingling and numbness in the index and middle fingers and thumb (usually).

Carpal Tunnel Release

Ganglion Excision (any site)

A ganglion is a lump under the skin that contains fluid. Most ganglions form near the wrist joint but they also commonly occur around the foot and ankle. The fluid in the ganglion may come from the joint through a narrow channel.

Excision of a Ganglion

Removal of Toenail

An ingrown toenail occurs when the edge of your nail grows into the skin at the side of your nail, causing pain and swelling.

Removal of Toenail

Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma is a condition that affects one of the nerves between the toes. The nerve becomes irritated and compressed, which results in severe pain on the ball of the foot and at the base of the toes. The exact cause is not certain.

Morton’s Neuroma

Steroid Injection

Further information to follow

Trigger Finger / Thumb

Trigger finger treatment is surgery to prevent a hand digit sticks in a bent position and sometimes can remain so. It can be painful and annoying. Trigger finger treatment can include giving a steroid injection or a simple operation performed under local anaesthetic, which has a high success rate.

Trigger Finger / Thumb

Ulnar Nerve Release

Ulnar nerve compression is a condition where there is increased pressure on the ulnar nerve, usually resulting in numbness in your ring and little fingers. Ulnar nerve release surgery aims to resolve this.

Ulnar Nerve Release


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